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Gulfar online is online fantastic role play game. You will start game as human, orc, elf, dwarf, vampire or werewolf. There is different job branchs you will select and improve your character. Herbalist, lumberjack, hunter, fisher, soldier, trader, baker, smith, farmer, miner etc. Gulfar map contain center kingdoms and free regions. Center kingdoms rule by npc and there is safe zones. Free regions can capture and rule by players. There can be battle there so need game experience for enter free regions. Characters bound with family each other. New characters may born as child of another player if available this is advanced start. Gulfar map have different city to explore, cities have different resources rate. So different jobs good at some cities, bad at some cities. Gulfar online still in development progress. There is still new features at plan.
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Gulfar Online
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